Flexiteek Beats the Competition

Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak was described as “undoubtedly the absolute winner” when compared to Permateek and Plasdeck. The competition was judged by The International Yachting Media.

The team compared Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak against both Permateek and Plasdeck in a series of tests ranking them from 1st to 3rd place.

Flexiteek Colour Wall that the competition tested

The competition tested:

  • Aesthetics and touch
  • Sun exposure
  • Weight
  • Resistance to dirt
  • Damage resistance
  • Grip
  • Backing and predisposition to glueing

Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak triumphed, proving to be highly efficient in every test.

To read The International Yachting Media article click here.

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