The Close Up

WIn this Close Up feature, we speak to Mikkel Svendsen, CEO of Flexiteek Denmark. Mikkel talks us through why he chose to become a distributor for Flexiteek and his experience of the product so far.Mikkel working on a SWS'96

Company: Flexiteek Denmark

Year established: 2003

Company mission statement: To provide world-class quality Flexiteek decking to everyone. From small private customers to OEM’S and superyachts.

Yearly average (m2) of Flexiteek 2G synthetic purchased: 10,000m2

Company size: Here at Flexiteek Denmark we have 12 full-time employees. As well as an agent network featuring two further companies: Flexiteek West Mediterranean and Riviera Decking. We all come from a mix of backgrounds with a variety of interests and hobbies in the marine industry. One of my colleagues Anders Baggers is a keen sailor and competes in the former Olympic Dragon Class. Where he has won 2 European and one world championship.

Area: We cover both Denmark and the French Riveria. There is a distinct difference between the two regions. We focus on the replacement of existing teak decks more so in the South of France compared to Denmark. It is great to see older boats given a new lease of life with traditional deck designs in a modern material which still achieves a classic look.

Background: I originally trained as a blacksmith before teak decks caught my eye. I worked for Teak Deck Systems for three years working on all sorts of vessels from small boats right through to cruise ships. I learnt a lot about working with wood and creating beautiful deck designs and still use this knowledge every day.

On deck design: Deck design is complex, and dependant on the boat. For example, with X-Yachts we used a traditional design for the Xc series and then a modern more simplistic design for the X-series.

We are currently working on a re-design for the Hanse Groups brands, creating deck designs that match the individual brand values of each entity. Our customers appreciate these initiatives.

SWS'90 fitted with Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak

On becoming a Flexiteek distributor: Synthetic teak caught my interest after having worked with teak for some years. Back in the early days, the possibilities were more limited than they are today. However, I believed the product had a future and opened my own business.

When Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak came to the market in 2014, it transformed the market and what we could deliver to our clients. Not only does it outperform traditional teak decking, but it poses none of the dilemmas associated with sourcing tropical hardwoods.

OEMs and boatbuilders: We see our ability to partner with OEMs as one of our core strengths. I am proud to say we currently work with Hanse, Dehler, Moody, Sealine, Fjord, Privilege, X-Yachts, Rand Boats and Southern Wind (SWS). Our focus is to nurture and grow our relationship with our current OEMs. The same as we do for all of our clients.

Most memorable Flexiteek moments: I am lucky enough to say that there has been a few! From partnering with X-Yachts, being recognised as a top 3 supplier for Hanse Group and working on beautiful decks for superyachts. Though most importantly, it must be meeting our happy customers from all around the world.

Upcoming projects: We have a lot of things cooking, though some are too early to talk about. We are currently working on the new Hanse Groups designs and a deck for X-Yachts Pure X the X 5.6

You will have to watch this space!

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