Fund for Cantiere del Pardo Employees Affected by Italian floods

Cantiere del Pardo employees that the fund is for.

Extensive flooding and bad weather have negatively affected millions of lives in North-Eastern Italy, specifically the Emilia-Romagna region. This area is home to 4.45 million people; homes have been destroyed, lives disrupted and for some people, they have lost family and friends. The floods settled after 3 days, but the damage left behind across the region is extensive.

Cantiere del Pardo, who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year have confirmed that their headquarters were not affected. However, many of their employees, partners and suppliers have lost their homes or been impacted by the devastation.

In a statement released by the company they said, “It is our intention to actively support our employees and their families by providing practical and tangible assistance to expedite the recovery and rebuilding process. In order to provide concrete and tangible support to our affected employees and their families, Cantiere del Pardo has opened and started, with a donation, a current account for the creation of an aid fund. The fund is open to generous donations from anyone wishing to participate.”

Donate to the Cantiere del Pardo Relief Fund Account

In order to help, we’d like to promote the fund details to everyone around the marine sector. Flexiteek have donated €1000 to the fund and want to extend our best wishes to everyone affected both at Cantiere del Pardo and the people of Emilia-Romagna and all those who are working to help during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you all.

To donate, please use the information below:

Fundraising for the Employees of Cantiere del Pardo Affected by the Flood

IBAN IT42S0200805364000106764639

Reason for payment: “Emergency Flood Donation”

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