30,000 Trees Planted by Flexiteek

Flexiteek International has funded the planting of over 30,000 trees. This was facilitated by World Land Trust (WLT) and their programme ‘Plant a Tree’.  

This collaboration was first announced in 2020 in celebration of Flexiteek’s 20th anniversary. The environmental pledge made was to donate £5 for every 10m² of Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak sold worldwide. This pledge has continued over the past three years and has now resulted in a staggering 30,000 trees being planted.

Flexiteek celebrating 30,000 trees
World Land Trust

WLT is a charity organisation that works with local environmental groups to collect, plant, and support tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf trees. This is in areas highly affected by deforestation.

Flexiteek supports the ‘Plant a Tree’ programme which aims to address two key locations.

One area often deemed the most threatened forest region in the world, is the Atlantic Forest, in Brazil. Due to deforestation, it is currently less than 7% of it’s original size. It has high biodiversity levels of trees, animals, and plants. Many of which are vulnerable and endangered on the IUCN Red List. For example, the Southern Woolly Spider Monkey.

Another protected area is the D’ering-Dibru Saikhowa Elephant Corridor in India. This enables animals to travel between fragmented wildlife reserves safely. This increases numerous species’ gene pools, decreases human-animal conflict, and increases the animals’ chances of survival.  This land and the trees support the movement of over 500 endangered Asian Elephants, alongside tigers, leopards, and wild buffalos.


This announcement occurs as Flexiteek continues to grow their environmental commitments and work towards the best practice within the marine industry. Especially during times of record-high levels of deforestation and growing climate change concerns.

The Flexiteek group wishes to thank everyone for their contributions and also the hard work involved in maintaining significant biodiversity areas. Flexiteek looks forward to the continuation of this collaboration and has a positive outlook towards the future of the partnership with WLT.

 Want to find out more about Flexiteek’s Environmental Commitment, please visit here.  

About FLEXITEEK International

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