ISITEEK is a do-it-yourself product primarly aimed
at the marine market and has been developed by
Flexiteek mainly for the making of smaller panels.
Weight = 5 kg per m2
Thickness = 4mm



The template is done on a 1:1 scale of the area where you want to install Isiteek. If multiple decks are to align, mark with a line across the templates.


Cut lengths of Isiteek that are slightly longer than the template. Glue the Isiteek planks so that the built-up area has a small excess to the template. Put the template on the panel, mark and then cut the panel out.


Apply and spread glue over the area and attach the panel. Use a roller and make sure that all excess glue and trapped air rolled out onto the tape. It takes 12-24 hours to cure the adhesive, depending on the temperature. The preferred operating temperature is + 20 °.

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