Flexiteek Warranty

Flexiteek™ is protected under the Flexiteek patent and it has a five (5) year material guarantee.

The following information is provided to the consumer regarding the care of Flexiteek decks:
Flexiteek is easy to clean and maintain, but it IS NOT a totally maintenance or cleaning free product. As with all flooring products, regular and timely clean-up of spills is necessary to maintain the beauty of your Flexiteek deck. The warranty is not valid if the deck is not in good condition because of neglect, lack of maintenance or the use of chemicals and solvents
Normally dirt and spills are cleaned with soap and water. Pressure washers can be used on Flexiteek and will give a really good clean. If necessary one can remove marks or small stains by sanding lightly with 60 grit sand paper along the direction of the grain. This may temporarily lighten the sanded area but the area will “blend’ and match the surrounding area in a short time period.
Wash or rinse off fish blood, wine, or grease shortly after spillage. When spills are left to dry it will be harder to clean. There are cases where customers call Flexiteek to get rid of long term stains. Flexiteek will advise the customer of the necessary procedures. It is the customer’s responsibility to regularly clean and maintain their Flexiteek deck.
Flexiteek will gradually darken over time, a light sanding may restore its original color if so desired. Gasoline, Acetone, and other solvents might soften and ruin the deck material.

This will soften the deck and void the warranty. Rinse any chemical spills with water as soon as possible. If you don’t wash spills or dirt off the Flexiteek deck in a timely manner, this could leave surface stains that will require light sanding to remove.
Painting, varnishing, oiling or sealing the deck will make Flexiteek lose its non- skid properties. Some painting or sealing may void the warranty, check with your distributor first. The use of any oils, teak oil etc. will void the warranty.
As with other high density materials with a dark color, Flexiteek can become hot in direct sunlight on a warm day. You may need to wear deck shoes to walk comfortably on the deck under such circumstances.
Flexiteek is manufactured to resemble wooden decks. Therefore there are variations in color and graining in each deck just as there would be with real wood.
The use of boat shoes or walking bare foot will prevent soiling and scuff marks preserving the original beauty of Flexiteek.
Any burn marks void the Flexiteek warranty. Flexiteek is not responsible for any damages caused by natural disasters or accidents.
Using a power sander to sand the surface of the deck could distort the surface of the deck, hand sand only.

Templates and fitting of panels:
The Flexiteek deck panels can only be made as accurate as the template provided to Flexiteek.  The accuracy of the template and therefore the decks supplied by Flexiteek or their distributors is the sole responsibility of the template manufacturer. A Flexiteek quotation based on indicative measurements are subject to change after actual templates are received.
When Flexiteek decks are installed they may require some minor trimming to fit. When a deck is “dry fitted” and there appears to be discrepancies in fit that require more aggressive cutting, please contact Flexiteek prior to making any changes. Making these changes without notifying us beforehand will void the warranty.
Flexiteek will follow any contours that exist on the deck surface. For the best results the deck surface must be level.
If any other person tries to install the Flexiteek deck other than Flexiteek’s own certified technician, distributor or installer, this will void the warranty.
Material Warranty means covering defects appearing without any outside impacts from material’s own nature. Warranty claims will be investigated and laboratory tests will be undertaken if necessary.

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