What Our Customers Say

“My clients are happy with Flexiteek. It is maintenance free, has very good looks andis non-slip, a very important feature for Elling as we are safety focused.”

Anton van den Bos, Managing Director

Q. When did you start working with Flexiteek?


We began in 2007. Since 2010 almost all our boats have featured Flexiteek.

Q. Why did you choose Flexiteek?


It looks great and stays that way. We also like the ‘non slip’ quality. It performs better than teak for this and safety is very important to us. The quality of teak isn’t what it used to be. It now comes mostly from commercial plantations, where it is grown much faster. This results in a softer wood that wears out pretty quickly.

Q. What do you value the most about Flexiteek?


The pricing is competitive, communications are good and the product range is marketed well.

Q. What do your clients think about Flexiteek?


They are very happy with it. They particularly like the ‘weathered’ look because people think it’s real teak. And they love the fact that it requires little or no maintenance. Many of our clients keep their boats for decades, so this is an important consideration for them.

Q. What makes Flexiteek 2G different/unique?


It’s really a combination of all the things mentioned above. A great looking product that provides excellent performance at a sensible price. It has become the obvious alternative to teak.

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