Design Possibilities

Flexiteek 2G

We can customise your deck to create traditional and modern designs on an individual basis – cut, fitted and finished by hand.

We can also embellish your deck with bespoke designs, logos and lettering, using computerised, precision cutting tools.

Discover the design possibilities


Flexiteek - X Power - Design Possibilities - Cheq: CNC Cut Logos

CNC cut logos

CNC cut logos, any design or size can be inserted to personalise your Flexiteek 2G deck.

Be Unique

There are no rules! Who says planks must run fore and aft? Goldfish think outside the box.

Flexiteek 2G - Goldfish - Design Possibilities - Cheq: Be Unique
Flexiteek 2G - Sunseeker - Design Possibilities - Cheq: Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

A very modern design highlighting the shape of this Sunseeker Hawk 38. Anything is possible with decks designed to be cut with a CNC machine – if you can imagine it, we can build it.


Where tradition matters, a fully detailed and margined deck. You wouldn’t find finer in teak.

Flexiteek 2G - Design Possibilities - Cheq: Traditional
Flexiteek 2G - Design Possibilities - Cheq: Contemporary


Simplicity can sometimes be the detail. Here, a simple straight laid Flexiteek 2G panel enhances, and is enhanced by, its surrounding.

Mixing Colours

Why not mix Flexiteek 2G colours? Here the working area has been decked in practical Carbon, while the side decks are enhanced by Off-White Flexiteek 2G with Grey caulking. Fully detailed with snapes and margin boards.

Flexiteek 2G - Design Possibilities - Cheq: Mixing Colours

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