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What is Flexiteek 2G made from?
Flexiteek 2G is synthetic and made using REACH compliant phthalate-free plasticizer and is fully recyclable.
Where did Flexiteek 2G originate from?
Flexiteek is a company founded by a well known Norwegian shipping family who developed an idea from an inventor and built it into the company we are today.
How long has Flexiteek 2G been around?
Our first generation was launched in 2000, Flexiteek 2G was launched to market in 2014.
How long will it last (lifespan)?
Flexiteek has been in use for over 20 years now, and early decks are still in good condition. Obviously, it will depend on how hard the decks are used.
Will it fade or change appearance?
Flexiteek 2G will not fade or change, it may go a few tones darker after lengthy exposure to the elements. It can return to its new look by sanding the surface just like with wood.
Does it get hot?
Flexiteek 2G will get warm in hot climates but has been developed to reduce thermal transfer and cools 30% faster than traditional composite decking.
What are its non-slip properties?
Flexiteek 2G has similar non-slip properties to teak and performs better than this when wet.
How much does Flexiteek 2G weigh?
Flexiteek 2G weighs 4.5kg – 4.7kg approximately per square metre.
What advantages does Flexiteek 2G have compared to real teak?
Flexiteek 2G offers a real teak ‘look’ with added benefits of being lighter in weight with minimal maintenance.
How does Flexiteek 2G compare to its competitors?
Flexiteek 2G is the only second generation synthetic decking on the market and offers a lighter and cooler alternative to others in the market, with a wide range of realistic ‘wood’ finishes and colours.
How is it designed?
Flexiteek 2G can be designed to replicate a teak deck or manufactured to a bespoke design for a modern, contemporary or traditional look; there are no limits to the effects that are possible.
How is Flexiteek 2G put together?
Flexiteek 2G is “welded” using vinyl welding techniques to ensure clean sealed joints.
What is a margin board?
A margin board is the framing around the planks and is normally a slightly wider section compared to the planks used to define it.
Can it stick to any surface?
Flexiteek 2G adhesives will adhere to most surfaces successfully; if the subsurface is painted. Often a 2-part epoxy can be used to create a suitable subsurface for application of our adhesives.
What adhesive is used to stick it down?
We have tested many adhesives and recommend the use of 2G MS polymer or PU2K adhesives depending on your installation method.
What if I need a thicker product?
If you require, Flexiteek 2G can be supplied on a marine ply, GRP, laminate board or foam layer of varying thickness to enable a snug fit to a recess or edge.
Will it squash or buckle under pressure?
Flexiteek 2G will compress if a fitting is through-bolted. We would recommend anything bolted is placed on a solid packer such as tufnol, UPVC, aluminium etc.
Can Flexiteek 2G be used vertically?
Flexiteek 2G is surface conforming, so it can be used on most angles and contours, both vertically and horizontally.
What sort of maintenance is involved?
Flexiteek 2G requires minimal maintenance, a clean occasionally, and if you start to wear the grain down, a quick resand will return its fresh look and non-slip properties.
How do you clean it?
Your Flexiteek deck should require minimal maintenance. Our five-step care guide will take you through a simple to follow step-by-step process to help keep your deck looking beautiful. The maintenance instructions can be downloaded here.
Can you re-sand it?
Flexiteek 2G can be re-sanded by hand using 40 to 80 grit sanding paper and working in the direction of the grain. The rougher the sandpaper, the deeper the grain will be.
How easy is it to repair?
Flexiteek 2G is very easy to repair using vinyl welding techniques; in extreme cases planks can be cut out and replaced.
How much does it cost?
Flexiteek 2G is priced based on square meterage and details. Quotes can be supplied from country distributors on request.
What quantities can you buy Flexiteek 2G in?
Flexiteek 2G is supplied as bespoke decks or as rough sized panels to almost any size to suit your purpose.
Can it be used for other applications other than boats?
Yes, Flexiteek 2G has been used for non-marine applications, such as domestic and commercial flooring, gyms, spas, mobile homes, trailers and vehicles.

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