Discover the Stunning Colours for your Flexiteek Deck

Your boat should be your boat. Designed exactly how you like it. That’s why Flexiteek values flexibility and choice. Carefully developed colour ranges, from natural teak colours to more modern and trendy tones which amount to over 30 different colour options for your decking. All colours have natural timber texture and graining, which gives it the unique look of real teak, but with the added flexibility and durability of synthetic teak.


For many teak coloured decking has long-been a staple in the marine world. However, Flexiteek has developed a wide range of colours without the hassle of using real teak.

Our traditional Teak colour is the original Flexiteek 2G option and still remains our biggest seller to this day. And for a good reason, its classic good looks have not dated and remain popular everywhere.

To add more variation to the natural teak look, our Scrubbed option mimics that of a freshly washed teak deck, resulting in a lovely warm honey colour. With deep variation in texture, it really looks like a clean natural wood deck, giving your deck a unique and authentic feel.

With inspiration from Scrubbed, we developed Bleached to give you a more vintage and well-loved feel to your deck. Its beautiful paler tones and colour create a deck that looks warm, clean, and natural all at the same time.

Fancy a less dramatic approach to your deck? Our Weathered colour perfectly represents a teak deck going grey after years of use. This decking colour provides the perfect backdrop for whatever and however you use your boat – whether it be for family, fishing or fun.

The best thing about it being a range of natural wood colours, if you can’t decide between two colours, there is most probably a perfect middle ground for you. So, can’t decide between Bleached and Weathered? Then Faded is a perfect mix of both. Faded allows you to have a natural-looking deck with the vibrancy and durability that Flexiteek provides.

The last but definitely not least colour variant of teak is Vintage, creating the appearance of traditional teak that’s aged well over time. This gorgeous grey-brown colour balances our cool-toned trendy colours with the tradition and history of our natural wood shades.


Teak and its many variations not what you are looking for, but you still want a natural wood tone? Walnut may be the colour you are looking for. Walnut gives the look and feel of the American Walnut that inspired it. With perfectly balanced grain variation and a warm wood feel, Walnut will be an excellent addition to any boat, of any size.

Our sharp Carbon colour provides a contemporary look like no other. A deep black colour could add sophistication to your craft whilst still remaining on trend. If you want a sleek and modern feel to your boat, then Carbon is for you.

Want a more subtle option than Carbon? The slightly lighter Charcoal may be the way forward. With the appearance of a very dark grey, Charcoal provides a stylish approach to boat deck designing whilst also complimenting other colours present on the boat.

Grey is another contemporary non-wood option. Choosing Grey decking is becoming a very popular trend for customers who want a bright and light colour option without sacrificing the style of a boat.

The last of our long list of colour options is Off-White. Often white shades are avoided in many designs due to the increased chance of staining. Luckily, with the low maintenance and easy cleaning of a Flexiteek deck, that doesn’t need to be a consideration for your deck. Off-White will provide a fresh and creative take on a boat deck, which will be the envy of everyone.


Choosing one of the 11 base colours is not the only decision you control with Flexiteek. You also have the option of 3 caulking colours: classic black, modern grey and stylish white. Combining that with the decking colours results in over 30 colour combinations, so you are bound to find the one that works for you and your boat.

Why stop there? Make the colour range work for you by using multiple colours on your deck. Flexiteek can be made and designed how you want it – you just have to contact your nearest distributor.

Still not enough customisation? With CNC cutting technology, you can overlay your own design or logo on your deck. This can result in a complete, one-of-a-kind deck design chosen by you.


With unmatched benefits and the many Flexiteek colour combinations, it really is the perfect choice. It is ‘Your Boat Made Perfect’.

More of a visual person? Check out our Deck Designer – unleash your creativity and see how your choices will look on your boat type.

About Flexiteek

Flexiteek is the original market-leading manufacturer of synthetic teak decking. Founded in 2000, many of the original decks laid are still going strong and looking great to this day. There is a worldwide reach relying on a cultivated global distributor network and over 200 of the world’s leading boat builders. For more information visit

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