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Flexiteek 2G is the ideal choice for your dream deck. 

Flexiteek is the perfect choice for your dream decking, designed to give you the ultimate in looks, longevity and performance. Design your dream deck today! Whether you are looking to create a traditional deck or a more contemporary deck, you can customise your deck your way.

Patented 2G Material

Global Distributor Network

We can offer expert advice, inspiration and service worldwide. Our distributor network spans over 50 countries and with over 100 distributors and agents, Flexiteek is available to you no matter where you are.

Unrivalled Benefits

Flexiteek 2G  is the established market leader, and is hugely popular with boat owners. Providing you looks that last and a deck that requires little upkeep to maintain its great looks.

What our customers say


What our customers say

Goldfish fitted with Flexiteek

“Our clients are very happy. Flexiteek is light, low maintenance and it looks great also when wet. It has the looks of a teak flooring without the environmental impact that natural teak has.”

Stig Olssøn

Product Manager

Goldfish black logo
Isloep fitted with Flexiteek - What our customers say

“People like Flexiteek , since it doesn’t turn grey as real teak does. The product has the same performance as real teak.”

Edwin Stut


Isloep black logo
Kraken Yachts fitted with Flexiteek - What our customers say

“Flexiteek offers a sustainable and high performance alternative to natural teak while providing the looks and feel.”

Trystan Grace

Sales & Creative Director

Kracken Yachts logo
Pegasus Yachts fitted with Flexiteek - What our customers say

“Ease of maintenance is one of Pegasus yachts’ most important value propositions, and Flexiteek is hassle-free for the owners.”

Miha Breskvar


Flexiteek Ribeye Banner

“Flexiteek is the ideal solution for our luxury RIBs, where our customers want the look of real teak but without all the maintenance. Flexiteek is now a firm favourite and pretty much standard fitment on all Ribeyes.”

Sophie Hurst

Marketing Manager

Ribeye Boats logo

The benefits are clear

Flexiteek 2G is the perfect decking for your boat.

Teak Re-invented

With its fine grain finish, Flexiteek 2G is beautifully crafted to look just like real teak. You’ll be the only one who knows it’s not the real thing. Flexiteek 2G is the perfect choice if you aspire to the traditional appeal of a lustrous, teak deck and comes in ‘like new’ and ‘weathered’ options. Established in 2000, we have the most experienced teams located all over the world to assist in the design, manufacturing and installation of your synthetic deck.

Flexiteek - Boat Owners + Builders + Dealers - Cheq: Teak Reimagined

Long Lasting

Flexiteek is proven technology with original decks now over 20 years old and still looking beautiful. Your new deck comes with a 5-year guarantee against material defects. All Flexiteek decks are manufactured using vinyl welding techniques making the joints stronger than using glue. The surface is extremely hard wearing, UV stable and is completely re-sandable should you ever need or want to.

Flexiteek 2G – Hanse - Boat Owners + Builders + Dealers / Benefits: Long Lasting / Sailing Boats - Desktop

High Performance

Flexiteek 2G offers significant advantages over rival synthetic decking systems.

  • Its shape conforming underside provides superior adhesion and fitting to boats of all shapes and sizes.
  • It cools 30% faster than traditional composite decking.
  • It’s up to 35% lighter, great for performance yachts, multihulls or powerboats.
  • Superb ‘graining’ making Flexiteek 2G the most realistic synthetic decking.
Flexiteek 2G – Grand Soleil - Boat Owners + Builders + Dealers / Benefits: High Performance / Sailing Boats - Desktop

Low Maintenance

Flexiteek 2G requires little maintenance to maintain its great looks. No need for regular hard scrubbing or expensive cleaning and sealing systems, just the occasional rinse or jetwash for a deep clean leaves it looking like new. Soap and water will remove most spills, including oil, fuel, red wine and fish blood.

Flexiteek 2G – Boat Builders + Dealers / Benefits: Low Maintenance - Desktop

Over 30 Colour Combinations

Our decks come in 11 different colours. With three caulking options, this means you can choose from over 30 combinations. So, you can mimic brand new, weathered, scrubbed or bleached teak. Or, go for a more modern choice, such as charcoal, carbon or off-white.

 View all colour combinations >

Flexiteek - Boat Owners + Builders + Dealers - Cheq: Over 30 Colour Combinations

Reduced Weight

Weighing just 4.5kg per m², Flexiteek 2G is up to 35% lighter than rival synthetic decking systems. This makes it particularly attractive for high performance multihulls, power and sailing boats. Importantly, it reduces the weight positioned above the waterline, as well as the overall boat weight. This results in a lower centre of gravity, reducing heeling and improving performance.

Flexiteek - Boat Owners + Builders + Dealers - Cheq: Reduced Weight


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