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All industries evolve their choice of materials over time. Makers of cars, aeroplanes, bicycles and domestic flooring have all developed and adopted high-performance alternatives to their original materials of choice. The boating industry is no different.

The early years

We founded Flexiteek in 2000, with the aim of revolutionising the traditional decking market. By extruding ‘planks’ out of PVC, we have created an innovative product that looks every bit as beautiful as teak. It also offers significant performance advantages.

Our owner, Anders Wilhelmsen Sr, is an entrepreneurial Norwegian with a strong heritage in shipping. We have drawn upon this maritime heritage and knowledge to inspire our products. We understand and have responded to the exacting demands of leading boat builders.

Part of our story the Hanse 548 fitted with Flexiteek 2G plank colour Teak with Black caulking.
Hanse Yachts 548 – Teak with Black caulking

After two years in development, the introduction of Flexiteek 2G in 2014 set a new benchmark for upmarket alternatives to teak, not least by solving the previous problem of getting too hot underfoot.


Beautiful, long lasting decking

The Flexiteek 2G we sell today is a beautiful, long lasting, high performance decking, designed to cope in all weather conditions. It is available in over 30 different colour combinations and can feature bespoke designs, logos and lettering. The exceptional quality of our product design and fitting makes it the preferred choice for boats ranging from tenders to superyachts.

As the established leader, Flexiteek 2G is hugely popular with boat owners. It is also specified by over 200 boat builders worldwide. With Flexiteek 2G there’s no need to spend hours scrubbing, sanding and oiling your deck. Our original decks – fitted some 22 years ago – are still going strong and still look great.

Marex 330 Scandinavia fitted with Flexiteek 2G plank colour Teak with Black caulking
Affordable luxury

We offer affordable luxury with minimal hassle and without threatening precious rainforests. All backed up by meticulous installation and exceptional support from our worldwide distributor network.


Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment


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