What our Customers Say

Flexiteek 2G for Motor Boats

Altena yachting

“We’ve been fitting Flexiteek for 8 years, and our customers are very happy with the product, and it looks great on our boats.”

Eric Delas


Boarnstream Yachts

Brandsma Yachts

Buehler Turbocraft


We’d never have considered it previously as we build traditional and classic boats and everyone comments on our craftsmanship and quality of our woodwork but seeing the samples of how authentic it looked we decided to try it and haven’t looked back.

Matthew Barker


“Flexiteek offers a wide array of colours to meet customer requirements, plus the possibility of customising pretty much any shape and line.“

Javier Ibañez

Technical Director

Delphia Yachts

“My clients are happy with Flexiteek. It is maintenance free, has very good looks and is non-slip, a very important feature for Elling as we are safety focused.”

Anton van den Bos

Managing Director

Fountaine Pajot

Intrepid Powerboats

Jfa Yachts

Korvet Yachts


“We researched more than a dozen possible synthetic teak decking solutions. Our former decking was too hot on bare feet in the summer. Flexiteek is cooler in the sun, lighter weight, nicer looking, and holds up well. We are very happy with our switch to Flexiteek.”

Peter Johnstone

2nd Generation Chairman

No Limit yachts

“We have chosen Flexiteek due to the quality, the realistic look and the outstanding service provided by our supplier. It meets the standard expected on our yachts.”

Andrea Rigillo

Production Manager

Pardo Yachts

“The pricing is competitive, communications are good and the product range is marketed well.”

Andrea Piper


Pollard Yachts

Princess Yachts

Rand Boats

Seaward Boats

Slider boats

Spoker Boats

“They love the fact that it requires little or no maintenance. Many of our clients keep their boats for decades, so this is an important consideration for them.”

Hans Winter

Marketing and Communications Director

Tes Yacht


Vanquisch yachts

Vedette Yachts


Vivante yachts

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