Why Flexiteek is the Perfect Choice For You!

When it comes to your deck we understand the need for quality materials to ensure your deck is stunning and durable. With so many different deck options on the market, we delve into why Flexiteek 2G is the perfect choice for your boat.


Flexiteek is renowned for being the leading synthetic alternative to teak. It provides the appearance of authentic teak right down to the grain of the finish. We offer over 30 different colour combinations of Flexiteek 2g, helping you to choose the perfect look that complements your boat’s aesthetics.

Flexiteek colour options


We use proven technology that lasts. This is clear to see with some of our original decks which are now over 20 years old and are still looking beautiful.

All Flexiteek decks are manufactured to the highest standard using vinyl welding techniques which make the joins stronger. Flexiteek is engineered to be extremely hard wearing and withstand the challenges of the marine environment, from heavy foot traffic, UV rays, saltwater, to extreme weather conditions. In addition, it is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. Making it a popular choice for boat decks and other outdoor surfaces.

Due to the strength of Flexiteek 2G it can handle accidental impacts and heavy loads without cracking or splintering, ensuring a long-lasting and safe deck. It also has a low thermal expansion rate, meaning it won’t warp or crack due to temperature changes. And with an eye on safety, Flexiteek has a non-slip surface which provides a secure footing even in wet conditions

Aquanaut Adante fitted with Flexiteek


Long gone are the days of regular sanding, staining, and oiling. Flexiteek requires minimal upkeep allowing you to spend more time enjoying your boat and less time on mundane maintenance tasks.

Unlike Teak, Flexiteek 2G retains its vibrant colour and original appearance over time. Due to the technology used when producing Flexiteek it does not discolour and is resistant to staining, rotting, and mould. What is great about Flexiteek is that if you find your deck fading, a quick rub with a medium course sand paper is all that is required to restore the original appearance.

Time and time again Flexiteek remains a popular choice due to how little maintenance it takes to keep its great looks. Soap and water will remove most spills, including oil, fuel, red wine and fish blood. Then an occasional rinse or jet wash for a deep clean leaves it looking like new.

And to provide peace of mind, each deck comes with a 5-year guarantee against material defects.


When selecting a deck material for your boat, Flexiteek 2G stands out as a clear choice for both its longevity and aesthetic appeal. Flexiteek 2G is a synthetic alternative to teak, beautifully mimicking authentic teak. With a wide range of colour options to suit your boat’s style, we think Flexiteek is the perfect deck choice.

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Flexiteek is the original market-leading manufacturer of synthetic teak decking. Founded in 2000, many of the original decks laid are still going strong and looking great to this day. There is a worldwide reach relying on a cultivated global distributor network and over 200 of the world’s leading boat builders. For more information visit

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