Flexiteek Tool Room – The Heart of Successful Innovation

When creating products and keeping ahead of development and innovation, we are lucky enough to have our own on-site tool room. This hub of innovation is based in our UK production facility.

Undoubtedly meticulous design and precision engineering are at the heart of all our products. We take it very seriously to ensure we provide the best products. In this blog, we’ll take you behind the scenes to discover the heart of our process.

Meet the Team

Steve Waldie Flexiteek Tool Room
Daniel Marlow Flexiteek Tool Room

You’ll find Steve Waldie and Daniel Marlow at the helm of our tool room. Their combined expertise and knowledge of the product range ensures that every product that bears the Flexiteek name meets the highest quality and performance standards. Together, they explore new design concepts and techniques. Therefore their teamwork ensures that all tools that enter the production floor produce the perfect product for your boat.

Designing the future

Innovation is at the forefront of our business, and staying ahead of the curve demands cutting-edge technology. Using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) tools allows us to transform ideas into digital blueprints. These tools allow us to visualise, refine, and perfect every aspect of a new project before it even touches the production floor.

Flexiteek’s tool room is a hive of activity. For instance, Steve and Daniel dive into various projects, lending their expertise wherever needed, from drilling blank plates for tools to preparing them for trial. They’re hands-on throughout the process and can bring digital designs to life.


Maintaining Excellence

However the core of development is trial and error. However, this means each design and tool is regularly put to the test, making adjustments along the way to achieve the desired shape and functionality. This commitment to perfection ensures that every Flexiteek product that reaches your hands has been rigorously tried and tested.


Flexiteek’s tool room is the beating heart of our commitment to quality. Armed with CAD tools and a passion for perfection, we always strive to shape our products’ future. Every plate they grind, every CAD drawing they create, and every tool perfected brings us one step closer to offering our customers the best in the industry. Finally, this means the tool room isn’t just where innovation takes shape; it’s where the future of Flexiteek continues, with one precision-engineered component at a time.

About Flexiteek International

Flexiteek is the original market-leading manufacturer of synthetic teak decking. Founded in 2000, many of the original decks laid are still going strong and looking great to this day. There is a worldwide reach relying on a cultivated global distributor network and over 200 of the world’s leading boat builders. For more information visit

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