Flexiteek Trims

Compliment your Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak deck with our range of Flexiteek Trims. Developed in collaboration with Wilks, world-leaders in impact protection.

Each profile is available un-sanded in the same stock colours as Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak, providing the ultimate uniform look to your craft.

The Flexiteek Trim range is designed to both look and feel like real wood. Featuring the sought-after low maintenance qualities of Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak.

Toe Rail PVC 2716 / TR242G

Toe Rail PVC 2625 / TR342G

Toe Rail PVC 2522T / TR362G

Toe Rail PVC 2450T / TR352G

Toe Rail PVC 2626T / TR402G

Top Capping PVC 2455T / CAP1022G

Top Capping PVC 2441T / CAP1192G

Top Capping PVC 2717 / CAP902G

PVC 2624 Nosing / NS2G

PVC 2719 Angle / AS2G

Block Profile PVC 2584 / RR652G

Block Profile PVC 2521 / RR762G

Block Profile PVC 2562 / RR1002G

10mm plugging is also available to complete your installation.

For more information on the Flexiteek Trim range please contact your nearest Flexiteek Distributor or Wilks directly.