Synthetic teak decking and boat flooring

Features – Flexiteek synthetic teak decking

Flexiteek is a synthetic teak panel and it is made of composite materials, 100% recyclable to other products and its non–slip quality is superb and nobody yet on first viewing or touching think it is anything other than real teak. The deck will not fade, dry out, split or crack and requires minimal maintenance.


We have now launched the next generation of decking, Flexiteek 2G, enabling us to supply decks that are 35% lighter in weight and don’t have the problems associated with other synthetic decking because it doesn’t get as hot.
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Flexiteek is sold as complete welded and waterproofed panels to boat manufacturers, boat yards or to the yacht owner. Due to the flexibility of the material you can have your deck delivered in a tube. If you are interested in the professional product but would like to do the templating and/or installation yourself, please find our manuals on the “DOWNLOADS” section.
synthetic teak decking Flexiteek


Challenge 67 - Flexiteek Bleached

Challenge 67 with Flexiteek Bleached.

Flexiteek colors

Flexiteek 2G color
Flexiteek stays the color you choose.
Teak comes in 3 colors. New teak color, grey after it’s been outdoors for a few months and then a light teak once you’ve spent hours scrubbing it! Then back to grey again! Flexiteek comes in the same colors to mimic the teak, however unlike teak Flexiteek stays the color you choose without the scrubbing and endless maintenance. But we are not restricted by nature! How about a black plank? For your modern RIB or a white plank with grey caulking for your heads or, even, your bathroom at home…
Flexiteek colors (from left to right):

  • Carbon (grey and white caulking)
  • Off-White (grey and black caulking)
  • Grey (black and white caulking)
  • Scrubbed (black, white and grey caulking)
  • Weathered (black and white caulking)
  • Walnut (white caulking)
  • Bleached (black and white caulking)
  • Teak (black, white and grey caulking)

Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions and color variations.

All color combinations can also be seen here – Design your deck →

Flexiteek color and caulk color combinations

Flexiteek plank sizes

Flexiteek is available in the following plank sizes:
Our most popular 45mm plank (40mm plank and 5mm caulk) and also in 60mm, 75mm and 100mm planks.

To compliment this we have standard margin boards of 45mm, 60mm, 75mm and 125mm.

Thickness = 5mm
Weight = 4.5 kg per m2

Plank Sizes Margin Sizes
45mm 45mm
60mm 60mm
75mm 75mm

Specifications – Benefits with Flexiteek marine decking

  • Flexiteek is the original synthetic marine decking and a patented product world wide.
  • Flexiteek is the market leader of synthetic marine decking.
  • Flexiteek does not require sealing or difficult ongoing maintenance.
  • Excellent non-slip surface. Wet or dry, Flexiteek provides amazing grip in the toughest conditions (ASTM D 4518).
  • Flexiteek does not turn grey or fade.
  • Stain resistant, soap and water will remove most spills easy (oil, fuel, red wine, fish blood etc).
  • UV tested (ASTM G 154-00) and proven UV resistant.
  • Welded system without adhesives which provides a deck that is waterproof.
  • No screw holes- Flexiteek and the glue will work as a sandwich construction on your boat.
  • Reduces sound and noise up to 11 db.
  • Low combustibility (Flammability tested to AS/NZ 53837).
  • Flexiteek comes with a 5 year material guarantee.
  • All Flexiteek products are recyclable.
  • Flexiteek has earned the respect of boat manufacturers for its high quality.
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ISITEEK is a do-it-yourself product primarly aimed
at the marine market and has been developed by
Flexiteek mainly for the making of smaller panels.
Weight = 5 kg per m2
Thickness = 4mm



The template is done on a 1:1 scale of the area where you want to install Isiteek. If multiple decks are to align, mark with a line across the templates.


Cut lengths of Isiteek that are slightly longer than the template. Glue the Isiteek planks so that the built-up area has a small excess to the template. Put the template on the panel, mark and then cut the panel out.


Apply and spread glue over the area and attach the panel. Use a roller and make sure that all excess glue and trapped air rolled out onto the tape. It takes 12-24 hours to cure the adhesive, depending on the temperature. The preferred operating temperature is + 20 °.

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