What Our Customers Say

A great product and a wide array of colours to meet individual customer requirements

Javier Ibañez, Technical Director

Q. When did you start working with Flexiteek?


Back in 2014, we were early adopters of Flexiteek technology

Q. Why did you choose Flexiteek?


We needed a light proven solution that could be delivered in time

Q. What do you value the most about Flexiteek?


Wide array of colours to meet customer requirements, plus the possibility of customize pretty much any shape and line. We need to offer same high-end quality standard in all our range so being an international company delivering to several countries is crucial

Q. What do your clients think about Flexiteek?


Maintenance free is the main advantage for the modern boater, comfort and quality make the icing on the cake

Q. What makes Flexiteek 2G different/unique?


Ticking all the boxes is what makes this product unique to the rest; broad selection of finishes and tones , global service and quick turn around.

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