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Rib-x was founded in 2003. They manufacture Ribs and Hard Boats – Superyacht Tenders, SOLAS Tenders, Commercial Boats and Recreational Ribs. Each boat is custom designed to accommodate the exacting requirements of each owner and develops the boats to reflect the individualism and style of each customer.

“I am happy with the product, happy with the service and happy with the back-up service.”

Colin Baldwin, Proprietor

Q. When did you start working with Flexiteek and why did you choose Flexiteek?


I started working with Flexiteek in 2007/2008. I chose Flexiteek because it seemed at the time to be the most advanced and best esthetically looking product, the fact and on the back side of it you had a dove tail routing made a lot of sense to me that it would create a better adhesion to the deck.

Q. What did you need Flexiteek to do for you, on which boats and where was it specified/installed?


Initially we were building first superyacht tenders that needed decking on that but also a couple of promotional boats for B&G and Garmin.

Q. As a partner, what do you value the most about Flexiteek?


I think any partnership is a combination of a number of elements and firstly obviously the product has to be correct, it is irrelevant if people are great and the product isn’t good enough, so is a combination of good product, good staff, good fitting services. We had a problem with one of the fittings and Rob flew out to Croatia to sort it out so the level of back-up and support is excellent. I am happy with the product, happy with the service and happy with the back-up service.

Q. What do your clients think about Flexiteek?


We have not had any complaints so I can only assume that they are very happy.

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