What Our Customers Say

Swallow Yachts was founded in 1995. Based within the UK Swallow Yachts produce a range of daysailers that combine classic looks with very modern performance.

“It’s a great looking product that provides excellent performance at a sensible price.”

Lara Morgan

Q. When did you start working with Flexiteek?


We have been working with Flexiteek since 2018.

Q. Why did you choose Flexiteek?


Flexiteek moved to a 2G which is lighter in weight, which is a big consideration for our trailer sailor boats. It has a great finish and we like the ‘non slip’ quality. Our customers also really like the look of the decks.

Q. What do you value the most about Flexiteek?


The product looks nice and cleans easily, with zero maintenance required. The pricing is competitive, and the colour range is great. It’s a great looking product that provides excellent performance at a sensible price. It’s lighter than other products, and seems to bear up very well to UV exposure

Q. What do your clients think about Flexiteek?


Some have initial reservations about the idea of synthetic teak panels but most people are usually sold once they have seen it in person. We had one person at a boat show admiring one of our boats and telling us how much they just loved to see such beautiful real teak on a boat!! Our customers are very happy with the finished boats.

Q. Which of our models feature Flexiteek


BayRaider 20
BayRaider Expedition
BayCruiser 21
BayCruiser 23
BayCruiser 26

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