What Our Customers Say

Williams Jet Tenders was founded in 1996 by two brothers with a passion for craft and innovation. They are one of the world’s leading jet tender manufacturers and have launched over 10,000 tenders in 27 years.

“Williams choose to fit Flexiteek as it is by far the most realistic teak substitute currently available. We have fitted the product to several thousand boats used in locations ranging from Australia to Norway and have found it to perform most reliably.”

John Hornsby – Joint Managing Director

Q. When did you start working with Flexiteek?


We have been working with Flexiteek for over 10 years globally across our range of class-leading jet tenders.

Q. Why did you choose Flexiteek?


Flexiteek offer a fantastic service and product that’s easy to supply and fit to our jet tenders. They have a great range of colours allowing our customers to configure their tender in the specification they’re looking for to match the parent yacht.

Q. What do you value most about Flexiteek?


Range of customisation options available and a dedicated high level of service and flexible approach that’s really important to our ambitious growth plans. We appreciated their recent visit to our factory to show our team the production process and provide innovative ideas on how it could be applied to our jet tenders in the future.

Q. What do your clients think of Flexiteek?


Our customers think Flexiteek is a fantastic product. It gives the premium look they’re after whilst also being robust and durable to withstand the toughest conditions on our tenders.

Q. Which of your models feature Flexiteek?


TurboJet (285, 285LP & 325)
SportJet (345, 395, 435, 460 & 520)
DieselJet (415, 445, 505, 565 & 625)
DieselJet SOLAS (505, 565 & 625)
EvoJet (70)

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