The new Flexiteek colors are cooler than real teak

Our new colors (Bleached, Weathered, Off-White) are cooler and cool four minutes faster than real teak. Flexiteek Teak is approximately the same ready state temperature as real teak but cooled five minutes faster and about two minutes faster than another synthetic teak brand.

This is a noticeable difference in warmer climates.

Materials Technology Ltd. was commissioned by Flexiteek to do thermal testing of a range of Flexiteek products in comparison with new and aged natural teak and a synthetic teak quality brand (will be mentioned as “Other Brand” in this article).

The results are summarized in the table below.

Material Steady state
Cooling time from steady state to ambient (s)*
Other Brand 145.4°F / 63°C 1261
Flexiteek Teak 144.5°F / 62.5°C 1050
Flexiteek Weathered 141.8°F / 61°C 1131
Flexiteek Bleached 136.4°F / 58°C 1121
Flexiteek Carbon 154.4°F / 68°C 1106
Flexiteek Off-White 136.4°F / 58°C 975
Natural teak new 143.6°F / 62°C 1342
Natural teak aged 143.6°F / 62°C 1371

* taken as the time to cool from steady state to below 78.8°F / 26°C

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