The Impact of Your Decking Choice

Choices are everywhere in life; what to eat for breakfast: what to do today, what decking to select for your boat, although these choices vary in the degree of impact, but each one is important!

For example, when you decide to use Flexiteek 2G for your boat deck, it doesn’t mean you only get a high-quality synthetic teak deck that is equally stylish and practical, you also support the award-winning World Land Trust (WLT) and the vital work they do for conservation across the world.

The Impact of Flexiteek 2G: Planting of trees by World Land Trust

WLT doesn’t just plant trees and hope they survive. They work closely with local partners, who have the knowledge needed to protect the land and ensure the success of the trees. So, when you choose Flexiteek, you are committing to a forest of the future.

Since 2021, Flexiteek have been supporting World Land Trust. This is done by donating £5 for every 10m² of Flexiteek 2G sold worldwide to fund the planting of trees. Currently standing at around 34,000 trees to date!

Because of this partnership, when you choose a stylish Flexiteek deck for your boat – large or small – magic starts to happen both on your boat and around the world.

Let’s break it down...
  • World Land Trust, work with their partners. In India, the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), in Brazil, the Reserva Ecológica de Guapiacu (REGUA) and in Armenia Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC). All to support local communities and environmental projects.
  • Alongside their collective experience and support, local people undergo training and education. In order to prepare them for new jobs supporting the projects.
  • In turn these new jobs help to re-incentivise the local economy in those areas and provide new livelihoods for people.
  • One of the jobs is to select Native seeds and grow them in a nursery until matured.
  • Once planted in the most suitable area, they are supported and monitored for the first few years of their life.
  • If a tree dies before reaching maturity, it is replaced.
  • Replacing trees helps improve biodiversity and expands nearby habitats.
  • New growth helps to increase the suitability of the area for animals and protects their home.
  • As these locations are home to Endangered and Vulnerable animals, it can work towards improving their classification status.

This, in turn can have a positive impact on the local environment and the biodiversity of surrounding wildlife. For example,

  • After 100 years of not being present in the Atlantic Forest, Lowland Tapirs were reintroduced in 2017.
  • Lowland Tapirs are often known as the ‘Gardeners of the Forest’ due to their skills of seed dispersal.
  • These animals increase the potential of trees and other flora and fauna being planted.

The more animals that are supported and saved, the greater the impact on the environment. What started as a journey towards a new synthetic teak deck has resulted in a lasting environmental legacy, proving from a very small act there can be big consequences!

Flexiteek 2G is also 100% recyclable.

For more information

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