Flexiteek’s Versatility: From Boat Exteriors to Interior Flooring

Flexiteek has long held its position as the go-to synthetic teak decking solution, renowned for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of exterior boat decks. What many may overlook is its potential to elevate boat interiors, offering a palette of over 30 colour combinations to complement interior designs. Let’s explore how Flexiteek transforms into a cutting-edge interior flooring solution, opening up a world of possibilities for boat owners.

Why Choose Flexiteek?

Trusted by over 200 boat builders and favoured by over 150 leading brands, Flexiteek stands out for its style, durability, and low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for any boat. Flexiteek 2G boasts several advantages over competitors, including realistic graining, a 5-year warranty, patented 2G technology, and impressive anti-fungal properties. Additionally, it stays cooler underfoot, is lighter, and requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional composite decking.

Available worldwide

Flexiteek 2G, available through over 100 distributors worldwide, solidifies its position as the undisputed market leader in synthetic teak by being fabricated on five continents. Its unique features make it a standout decking option, offering benefits not easily found in competitor products.

Flexiteek as Interior Flooring

When choosing flooring for the interior of your boat, it is important to have flooring that offers you resilience and durability. Flexiteek 2G fits this criteria perfectly, providing an attractive, marine-grade surface that is scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, and hard-wearing. Its easy maintenance adds to its appeal, making it an ideal choice for boat owners seeking both practicality and aesthetics.

Wide Range of Colours

With a diverse range of over 30 color combinations. Flexiteek enables boat owners to find the perfect flooring solution that complements their vessel’s interior. Whether decking the entire boat or specific areas, Flexiteek offers versatility and style.

Flexiteek in Action: Interior Design Showcase

Dickey Semifly 45

The Dickey Semifly 45 is a prime example of how Flexiteek seamlessly integrates the exterior of the boat with the interior. This stylish design showcases the possibility of using Flexiteek throughout. As shown here, the Teak and black caulking perfectly compliment the contrasting interior and navy furnishings.

Princess Yachts’ X8 Main Bathroom

If you prefer a more minimalist approach, you will appreciate the use of Flexiteek in the Princess Yachts X8 bathrooms. Princess have used it in the shower to achieve a sleek and modern bathroom appearance.

Due to all parts of a Flexiteek deck being welded together, it makes the surface completely waterproof and solid. This makes it the perfect material for use in bathroom situations. Additionally, Flexiteek has non-slip properties that help prevent any falls.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Boat with Flexiteek

Flexiteek continues to be the market leader in the world of synthetic teak decking, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. Beyond its well-established reputation for enhancing boat exteriors, it can also elevate boat interiors, presenting a realm of possibilities for boat owners.

If you are seeking cutting-edge design possibilities and uncompromised quality. Flexiteek has the solution for you!


Flexiteek is the original market-leading manufacturer of synthetic teak decking. Founded in 2000, many of the original decks laid are still going strong and looking great to this day. There is a worldwide reach relying on a cultivated global distributor network and also over 200 of the world’s leading boat builders. For more information visit

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