Arcona 50: European Yacht of the Year 2024

This weekend at the European Yacht of the Year 2024 at boot Düsseldorf, the Arcona 50 was awarded the Best Luxury Cruiser amongst other fierce competition. Flexiteek is proud to feature on the latest flagship of the Arcona fleet. Especially in such a gorgeous combination of Flexiteek 2G Bleached with Grey caulking.

Arcona 50 - European Yacht of the Year, Best Luxury Cruiser

The Arcona 50 is definitely making a splash. It is Arcona’s first 50-foot model and also the first to be designed by Jeppesen and Pons. It is proving to receive lots of positive attention.

Previously, back in November, a Flexiteek blog noted the high praise the model was receiving. Especially so shortly after it’s debut at the Orus Sailboat Show in August 2023. It was also featured on the front cover of Yachting World, with an article detailing what a journey on this craft entails. You can read our blog here, and find the original article here.

The chairman of the jury, Jochen Rieker beautifully described why the 50-footer won due to the strength and ease of the Arcona 50.

“Slipping along gracefully in the lightest of airs, holding her stride and her balance in more demanding conditions, offering warmth, light and this reassuring feeling of utter quality down below – there simply isn’t anything to fault. In a busy market segment this 50-footer stands tall.”

The Arcona 50 stood amongst strong competition. We would like to extend congratulations to all those shortlisted!

The Arcona 50 stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of design, performance, and cutting-edge technology in modern sailing. A well deserving win for the European Yacht of the Year’s Best Luxury Cruiser 2024.

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