Decking Designs: Transform your Boat with Flexiteek

Flexiteek is known for its innovation worldwide, but this isn’t limited to just the product itself, it also extends to the expert teams that install Flexiteek. Our global distributor network are responsible for high quality, finished synthetic teak decks that suit the boat’s practical requirements and the design brief. The style of the deck can transform the boat’s aesthetic through the use of different colours and plank layouts. This blog will explore some of the potential deck designs for inspiration for your boat!

Swept Decks Designs

Swept decks are the most common deck design. This style is characterised by planks that taper gracefully, to a gentle curve, called snapes. This is based on an adaptation responding to the constraints of wood. As with teak decks, if the planks were to be cut to a sharp point, then there is a high likelihood of splintering occurring.

A swept deck is ideal for classic boats, or any boat that wants to uphold traditional marine decking customs. The design has the potential to elongate the boat’s appearance, particularly when applied to the bow. This is attributed to the intricate central line drawing attention and the use of non-linear caulking, which conforms to the natural contours of the boat.

Flexiteek 2G - X Yachts - Swept Deck
Flexiteek 2G - Gentlemen - Swept Deck
Flexiteek 2G - Swept Deck

Straight Decks Designs

Another possibility for your deck is a straight deck. In this configuration, the planks don’t taper and are directly attached to the edge. They can be joined either to a solid central area or directly to the margin. The utilisation of synthetic teak simplifies this design by eliminating the risk of splintering, a concern with wood when subjected to sharp angles.

This layout is a potential option for a bow, or it can be used in conjunction with a swept deck. With the swept deck being fitted on the bow and using the simple straight lay for smaller areas, such as steps or swimming platforms.

These lines are sleek and can provide a defined appearance to your boat. The precise angles of the deck make sharp, clean lines that complement the natural shape of your boat. Straight decks exert a significant influence on the boat’s overall appearance, with the decking being simpler, allowing for a more modern, and minimalist aesthetic.

Flexiteek 2G - Straight Deck
Expertly fitted with Flexiteek Scrubbed with Black Caulking.

Endless Design Possibilities

If a straight or a swept deck isn’t your style, then don’t fret. With Flexiteek, you can have a wide range of different deck patterns, which can be designed bespoke to your requirements, using computerised, precision cutting tools. Whether you want a specific logo, layout, or style to personalise your Flexiteek deck.

Explore some examples of the possibilities. Instead of the typical planks running fore and aft, check out Goldfish’s unique minimalist decking design. Or the modern design that highlights the shape of this Sunseeker Hawk 28.

Flexiteek 2G - Brunswick - Endless Design Possibilities
Flexiteek 2G - Sunseeker Hawk - Endless Design Possibilities
Flexiteek 2G - Goldfish - Endless Design Possibilities

Range of Colours

Want to express your style through the colour of your boat deck? Then Flexiteek has a range of over 30 colour combinations! Choose between traditional deck colours that cover the life span of a teak deck. Or a range of contemporary colours that are perfect for a modern boat or yacht.

To design a really unique deck, why not combine colours? Having 2+ colours of decking throughout your boat can ensure your boat stands out from the crowd. Our colour combinations are also fully UV stabilised, so the colours will last with minimal maintenance.

Pegasus Yachts fitted with Flexiteek - What our customers say
Bronson 25 in Carbon with white caulking
Flexiteek 2G - Design Possibilities - Cheq: Mixing Colours

To find your favourite plank colour and caulking colour combination, use the Flexiteek deck designer to find the right fit for your boat.

For further customisation of your Flexiteek deck, discuss your requirements with your local distributor today!