We’re Making Earth Day Every Day at Flexiteek

As a small business and market leader, Flexiteek acknowledges its responsibility to the environment.

To try and help to limit the environmental impact of Flexiteek and the wider marine sector, we set out in 2020 to partner with World Land Trust. For the same reason, we developed a clear mission to donate £5 for every 10m² of Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak sold worldwide.

Since 2021, Flexiteek have planted nearly 28,000 trees, with the number increasing every day. Flexiteek’s support not only supports the process for the trees to be planted but also managed and protected for the future to ensure that the effects are long-lasting.

World Land Trust

World Land Trust plants trees in tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests to protect and support endangered species. Both various animals and plants alike. Currently the locations Flexiteek are helping to develop are the Atlantic Forest in Brazil and the D’ering-Dibru Saikhowa Elephant Corridor in India.

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most threatened forest regions in the world. It has been identified as a key area for conservation due its high levels of biodiversity. This area includes the Critically Endangered Southern Woolly Spider Monkey. The equally important D’ering-Dibru Saikhowa Elephant Corridor supports the movement of over 500 Asian elephants. In addition to many tigers, leopards, and Wild Buffalos. It is also a recognised location for the breeding grounds of the Critically Endangered Bengal Florican.

Our InvolvEment

Many of the threats to these regions are the result of deforestation by several key industries of which the marine sector are one. Many boats and yachts were made from wood. Whilst limited efforts were undertaken to replenish the area it was taken from or the long term local environmental effects.

Flexiteek, as the leading synthetic teak decking brand, recognises the history and the effect of the marine sector on these areas. It is going to continue trying to off-set the environmental impact we have. At the same time hope that the work we are doing will encourage others to follow.

Find out more about how we are supporting World Land Trust and get involved yourself by visiting their website.

Image credit: World Land Trust.